The Beginning - Post #1

A journey of words and data

The Beginning

Intro: We all start somewhere

Failure is momentary

Regret has a longer shelf life and usually comes at a cost of missing out permanently.

Failure is a learning experience

Regret is never having done that thing you believed so hard but didn’t try… never ever getting another go.

Fail quickly, change direction, do it again, learn THEN succeed.

This blog is for me at this time, it is not meant to be read by anyone – however if you do come across my ramblings and want to know what it is about, this is where you find out about me, and the reason I created it.

The Why

Why create this blog?

I read a lot and I contribute little… I would like to change that.

I believe I have things to say that would benefit others, from my ideas to my hours of research, finding answers to complicated technical challenges.

I have done little writing that I would consider public reading material.

My writing style as its stands is disjointed, full of grammatical mistakes and tends to be more conversational rather than something you could read without being in my head or chatting with me nearby.

I am going to outline the fears and the opportunities I see in some of my posts where appropriate. This is to try and get me to realise why I am afraid of something, or what is preventing me from doing it and what can be gained.

The Fear:

So why wouldn’t I create this blog? It is easier to bullet point:

(The reason I list these is I feel it is important to acknowledge them by writing them down).

  • Grammar, spelling – I am rusty,never been too good, and have a tendency to put words around the wrong way… the main fear I guess is judging me based on this.
  • That what I am doing (writing about) is not the best way of doing things, or is just plain wrong…
  • That I am not qualified to write on the subject.
  • That my opinions are wrong.
  • That I offend someone (it happens, and I am not entirely fearful about that – but it depends on the context).
  • That no one eventually reads any of it, I know this is not what its about right now, but in the future I’d like that.
  • That I waste my time writing and give up, not seeing it through to a positive outcome (I have done this).
  • Someone steals my ideas, makes them work (I may write weird ideas for products, services and other things here).
  • That people judge me for what I have done, use this against me in some form.
  • People don’t like some of the information I share – some is close to the edge of ‘should’ I share… but how else you gonna discuss issues without it?
  • I am an introvert – I don’t like attention.
  • Sniggering at my writing.

I will add to this as I go when I feel a new fear is emerging about something I can’t do – and even cross out something I fix?

The Opportunity:

There are so many opportunities for this, and to align myself with positive actions. This is not just about the writing, its about the doing of things and logging the results – testing always.

  • Meet other like minded people, improve my ‘extroverted-ness”.
  • Improve the readability and quality of my writing, structure and content.
  • Test my ability to write multiple types and styles of article – reviews, technical, sales pages etc.
  • Improve my mind.
  • To document my failings, wins, and log things that I feel I need to in time (the internet reveals all if you don’t block it).
  • Make myself accountable to me and everyone that care to make me – I welcome it.
  • Make potential extra $ for my time (public experiments).
  • Test SEO techniques, improve my SEO techniques.
  • Spend some of my downtime reflecting on the things I have done, why and what could have been done better
  • Test, improve growth marketing ‘plays’ – log results.
  • Log important findings online.
  • Log all of the tools I use and why for me and others.
  • Create a storage place for all of my digital things.
  • List of the important and interesting people I follow.
  • Create a personal brand.
  • Build a legacy (this is a tough one to say, I feel it because I need to feel more valuable first as a human).
  • Provide something valuable to others – even if it is just an hour saved getting an answer.
  • Delegation – I cant do everything and there is help if you ask.
  • Accountability.
  • Hobby, I like doing this.
  • Focus.
  • Feel proud of what I am writing.
  • Ranking #1 in Google (Globally) for Stuart Read – my name, just because I can.

The Who

Who are you?

It appears there are many of us with the name “Stuarts Read”, and many who have done good things with our time from a quick Google… I know none of them.

I am Stuart Read from England (Essex), I live in Australia (Sydney) with my Wife and step child. I have been in Australia for about 16 years (and I had to count that out… it can’t be that long… can it?) and I love the country. I am not yet a Citizen, it’s a work in progress – a very long one where you are not allowed to know a thing once you submit your application – but that’s a rant for another day.

I am an introvert, it may not appear that way with certain friends – but it is the way I am… I am trying (I think) to be a bit more extrovert with doing this.

I can sometime come across unempathetic . When faced with certain situations where I am supposed to give a particular emotional response I struggle. It is not every situation but a lot, I have not figured the reason for this yet – it feels like a defence mechanism but I don’t know why.

I’ve been working in IT&T (as it was called back in the day) since I was 16 years old – 15 if you count the work experience where I landed my first job. I still love working in the tech space and am lucky enough to work in a really innovative environment with a CEO I count as a friend. I have the opportunity to impact what we do with creative ideas for both products and marketing and see the results.

My skills are an interesting mix of server tech, pre sales technical product, technical support, sales, marketing, SEO, PPC – I must have done almost every job in some form over the years… but my current passion is SEO and Growth Marketing, Product Ideation.

I have to wear a lot of hats, and do a lot of things – some for the first time every single day. I understand that is not very efficient from a scalability point of view but it something I am working on.

**I’ll add to this as I go, I am not done here – I’ve not decided how much Ill away yet**

The What

What is it going to be about

Well it’s going to be about everything that I want to talk about … I have no idea how this is going to translate in terms of ‘core’ theme until it starts.

However I will try my best to break it down in to category and subcategory style themes… but from the top of my head here is what I am(may) going to write about (and I’ll add to this as I go).


  • WordPress & Plugins
  • Elementor – WordPress page builder (Pro)
  • Generate Press (GP Pro)
  • (sudo code builder for WordPress)

SEO/PPC/Growth Hacking / Growth Marketing

  • Experiments/testing
  • Myths
  • Blackhat/Whitehat
  • The people I follow
  • My experience
  • Onpage/Offpage
  • News
  • Tools
  • Courses

The Tech Landscape

This could include things such as Google assistant and voice search or how a Gmail plugin has revolutionised my life. This is about anything and everything – and I’ll probably use this page or an index to categories them as I go.

I am an avid Medium reader, and will probably include my thoughts on certain articles.


I may talk about some music I love randomly… I love my music.

Personal Development / Health

  • I may do, I’ve not decided yet.

The Conclusion

The end of Post number #1

So, I have started, and I have come to the end of post number one – it is on the internet and can be found.

My goal initially I one post per day. Get myself in to a routine.

So the line in the sands been drawn, the letters are on the page… and we only have 24, weeks and 1 day at the time of writing till Game of Thrones season 8…

The post has ended… but for now it will be read by me and the Internet spiders…

Post index and day released for accountability:

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