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Google Hire No More!

Google Hire has announced it will be closing its doors on the 1st of September 2020, in what appears to be a one of Googles famous product beheadings.

Google told Znet:

While Hire has been successful, we’re focusing our resources on other products in the Google Cloud portfolio.

Google has a long history of championing ‘cutting’ edge products only to kill them not long after launch, check out the product graveyard here.

It seems strange that as recently as February 2019 the Google Hire Product Manager “Shruthi Baskaran” released a statement here announcing the UK and Canada platforms were now available — fast forward 6 months and it’s gone!

The product reviews were not bad either, although a number of uses suggested that the product could benefit from some enhancement.

Given the announcement of Google Hire’s closure, it seems an odd time to announce a New Recruit on the go mobile app being released this month

Those of us working in the SaaS software industry for any length of time know how difficult it is to build great product and acquire happy customers. With that in mind it must be tough for the guys and girls working on the Google hire team to say goodbye.

Google Hire Launch

When Google Hire launched in July 2017 all eyes were on this new product with everyone thinking, “what is Google up to now?”.

There was an announcement on Linkedin by Dmitri Krakovsky VP at Google (former SVP of Success Factors) on the intended use and benefits of the platform.

Google has a long history of picking out particular industries and building products that slot nicely into their mission statement:

to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful;

whilst disrupting and monetising with ads.

Shortly before Google Hire officially launched something else happened, another recruitment related product “Google for Jobs” came to life, which seemed to directly coincide with Google Hire launch.

Google had already been working with a number of enterprise-level job board businesses for a while with the Cloud Talent Solution API. This launched in 2016 to help better understand the nuances of how people search for jobs, job titles and much more.

A Brief History of Google Hire

Google Hire is an applicant tracking system for small and medium size businesses, to help manage their hiring. The product was designed with businesses that have under 1,000 employees in mind. It integrates with their G Suite of apps such as Google Calendar and Gmail, with the intention that ‘Google Hire’ would work seamlessly with each.

It’s not a platform suitable for recruitment agencies due to the very specific needs agencies have managing multiple clients and recording placement data.

Did Google build it?

Indirectly, Google acquired a business called Bebop in 2015 for $380M USD. At the time the company was a “development platform that makes it easy to build and maintain enterprise applications.”

One apparent insider at the time states that it evolved into an ATS on top of their proprietary database and no one could give a clear indication of what they actually did.

Bebop was run by ex CEO and VMware co-founder Diane Green. Diane went on to head up the Google Cloud division.

Many see this entire acquisition as an acquihire to get senior experienced staff into the Google Cloud business, which was (and is) losing ground to Amazon AWS.

How much did it cost?

The system was priced month to month based on user bands, e.g 1–25 users would expect to pay approximately $140 AUD (£77), with the cost increasing per band.

The Closure

So it appears another google product bites the dust in unknown circumstances. We may never know the real story behind its demise, however at 380 Million USD for 4 years of operation, we know it was expensive to say the least.

One may argue that the announced closure of Google Hire and the exit of Diane Green from the Google Cloud business (and the Alphabet board) are all too coincidental, with Google Hire and Diane being intrinsically linked.

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