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Building Popular Websites Using Low Code

So, I thought it would be fun to test my skills and try to build popular website using a low code approach with no conventional development skills.

I am going to attempt this using either WordPress or

I have a fair bit of experience building websites using WordPress  but I have never used Bubble before so I have no idea how its going to go (but looks fun).

The way I am going to approach each of the website is to run a little analysis on the sites from a marketing and monatisation perspective, then overall site architecture.

This journey is going to be epic…

The sites I have earmarked to replicate are as follows:

This is a popular business software review site owned by Garnter.

The site makes money by allowing vendors to bid for positions in popular software categories.

They are big on SEO and I would say generate an enormous amount of money considering the positions they rank for across the globe. Competing with this site in a SEO race would be challenging.

Oneflare is and Australian directory site that connects people to services based businesses. you fill in a form and get quotes from a list of providers depending on what you require.

The site makes money by selling leads to the businesses it lists.

The site started in November 2016 and now generates over 380,000 visits a month in AU from what we can see here in SEMrush – HUGE traffic…

This is a product review site as the name clearly states. Most of the items being reviews are physical consumer items, however there are some services reviewed.

Almost all of the content is user generated which is great for the site owner and this is reasonably low maintenance.

The site makes money via advertising and product placement withing the review listings. I think you’ll agree the site is quite the traffic machine.

I have had my eye on this site for some time, they have no apparent competition and I feel they are missing a trick in the way the site is monatised.

Glassdoor, the giant international company review site. 

Past and present employees can state their opinion on working for the company, from the CEO to the overall job.  The site also lists jobs and a few other bit about each company.

You’ll find almost everyone who goes for a job at a company will go on to Glassdoor to check out how people feel.

They make money by providing upgraded business profiles.

I provided the Australian traffic for this as I believe there is a easy opportunity here.


I have a ton more I’ll add at another point, but I think these three are good to start with.

The posts will contain some details on how I approach the development of each site but I am unsure yet to how much detail I go in to. I’ll assume some knowledge of the tools I use to do this, but will highlight any challenges I come across as I go and any solutions I find.

Lets go – Capterra!

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